Attn Bridal Salons-Discount Websites to Watch Out For

In Tips for Bridal Salons on March 26, 2009 at 10:43 pm

A bride I’ve been working with called me this morning and told me that she had found the dress she was planning on purchasing from us cheaper on a website that she had come across. She emailed me the website and asked if I could match their price. I went to this website,, and discovered that they make exact replicas of well known designers. What’s disturbing is that their basically selling the dress at our cost prices. And I’ll tell you, from the pictures I saw, it was damn hard to tell the difference between the original and the fake (especially when they take the picture directly from the designer’s website-an act that’s prohibited by the way). And to the average bride, especially the budget conscious, I doubt they’ll be able to notice-or care-for that matter.

Alfred Angelo #1516 Their price: $319.99. MSRP Price: $849.95

Maggie Sottero “Sabelle” Their price: $623.99. MSRP Price $1560

Salons, contact your sales reps immediately and let them know about this website. Times are hard enough as it is-someone should have told these websites not to sh** where they sleep. Websites like these think they can cut out the wholesaler and the retailer and go directly to the source.

Here are some other websites that may be competing against you: (replicas)

One of our brick and mortar competitors was constantly selling designer gowns for ridiculous prices on her website, despite that the fact they they were violating the strict MSRP policies from that designer about discounting dresses. After some hassling (and lost sales) from our end, we were able to convince our sales rep to talk to the right people, and they ended up pulling the line from that store. We’ve also had the same luck with a few other vendors who didn’t realize what kind of websites were out there until we opened their eyes.

Hopefully websites like these will fade away over time (or head into a nice bankruptcy like!), but we have no way of telling how much business they’re taking away from us in the meantime. If you know of any other websites I haven’t mentioned, email me and I’ll add them to my list.

  1. is a legit website for an authorized retailer of those dresses. I almost bought a dress for them but ended up getting the dress from a brick and mortar shop near me. The difference in price was only $50 more. I think you may be maligning that website unfairly. It’s not a crime to give a good price on something.

  2. takes you directly to a whole list of online sites that offer cheap wedding gowns. I’ve had a few customers mention this website to me.

    funny stuff-hope to hear more of the “Things Overheard” soon!

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