Running of the Babies

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2009 at 8:41 pm

A cry is heard in the distance. The sound of an impatient child. Another cry is heard, this one a little closer. As if the children are communicating in their own code.

Cut to Monday morning, 11:30 AM, a bridal salon already packed with brides, bridesmaids wanting to place their orders…and babies. Lots and lots of babies. As if everyone knew to bring their children in at the same time, on a Monday no less.

Where am I? Hiding in the back room, pretending to do some tedious and necessary work, but all I’m doing is trying to block out the shrill piercing screams of these babies, whose mother thought it was a perfect place to bring their little newborns.

My name is paged over the intercom. Curse the receptionist for forcing me to leave my hiding spot!

I reluctantly make my way to the front of the store. I greet the bride waiting for me. Her friend is carrying a child. Of course.

“Hello, My name is–”

A piercing scream erupts from the baby. One of those screams that chill you to the core, as if their scream/howl was a razor blade that someone just shoved through my ears. This is going to be a loooong day.


2:00 PM.

The crying and screaming and running around and fingerprints on mirrors and a trash can full of diapers was quieting down. Short conversations from other coworkers are overheard. The receptionist is complaining that she had to watch the front door because one girl kept trying to run outside into the parking lot. Her mother was too busy trying on bridesmaid dresses for the bride, forgetting her daughter all in the process, or maybe purposely leaving her in the hands of the receptionist.

Another coworker complains of how she found a 2 year old in our breakroom, who had someone found a stash of chocolate belonging to another coworker.

And my baby experience of the day? The bride I was working with got so fed up with her own child, who kept running out of the room as she walked out in a new dress. Instead of watching over her child, the bride decided to lock the baby in the room, so she could concentrate on her dress more. Immediately after shutting the door, the baby would erupt into a continuous stream of long cries. I look over at the bride, whose face is as calm as can be, completely uncaring to the desperate screams of her child, trapped in the room like a dog. Does she care that her daughter is 2nd place to a bunch of wedding gowns? Apparently not. Does she care that it’s annoying the other brides in the store? If she does, she’s doing a good job of not showing it. Finally, my bride narrows down her choice to one dress, so she makes an appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully, the baby will teach her mom a lesson tonight for keeping her trapped in the room for 2 hours.


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