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Pardon My French

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2009 at 10:16 pm

But where are your manners? I know this past weekend was Valentine’s Day, but was it also You Are Nothing To Me But A Simple Servant day? Cause that’s the impression I got from the incredibly dimwitted and spaced-out customers that I worked with.

The one that really pissed me off was a bride that was interested in a $6000 designer gown. We had the gown transferred directly from the designer since we didn’t have a sample of that dress in our salon. Of course, I mention the price to the bride before we do anything. “This dress is in the $6000 range-is that within your budget?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Ok then. So the dress is shipped to us overnight and the bride comes in with her mom and her bridesmaids. She tries it on while everyone “Oooh’s” and “Aaaah’s” over her. Everyone loves it, including the bride. But when I ask her if that’s THE dress, they all burst out in silultaneous laughter. Ok… Then the bride tells me she wants to try on some other dresses now. So while I’m pulling more dresses, the manager goes over and talks to the mom, who happens to mention that her budget is… $1500.

$1500. One thousand and five hundred dollars.

Soooooo, not only did we have to pay $100 to borrow the dress and pay for overnight shipping both ways, but I just spent the last hour with you so you could play dress up in a gown 4 times out of your price range? Ok moron, did you happen to use your brain for one split second and consider that other people are wasting their time for you? That they’re lending out their expensive dresses to someone who’s playing dress up when there are serious brides out there who aren’t purposely wasting our time? No, apparently not.

Well after questioning my bride about her decrease in budget, she simply responded “I changed my mind.”  Whatever.

So I managed to find another dress for her, which they all fell in love with immediately.  But she wanted to show her dad first.  So we set up an appointment for the following Sunday (normally my day off) at 1:00 PM. I mention to her that it’s my day off, but that I would be happy to come in especially for her (remember, I’m her servant.)

Sunday, 2:00 PM. No sign of the bride.  I call her. She answers and  says her mom got lost and they’ll be in within the half hour. So I wait.

3:00 PM. Still a no show.  I call her and go directly to her voicemail.

4:00….4:30…..5:00-closing time.  I just spent the last 3 hours waiting for a phone call, on a day when I shouldn’t have been working to begin with.

You think she would have at least called to say “I can’t make it” or “I need to reschedule” or “I’m a huge asshole, don’t bother waiting for me?”

Nope, not even a courtesy call with some lame excuse.

So now I’ve been working 10 straight days without  a day off. Fine. It happens.  But I’m gonna think twice about giving up any more days off, I don’t care how nice or sincere or serious the next bride appears to be. Sorry, but it only takes one stupid bitch to ruin it for the rest. And this is the one that did it for me.


When free is not enough

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So a few months ago one of our bridal designers, Jim Hjelm, started giving out little rings when you order one of their bridesmaid dresses.  They don’t cost extra; they’re just included with the dresses. The bad part was that the rings were very cheaply made.  the very first ring we got broke before we even took it out of the bag. That should have been a sign right there.

Since their Free Ring with Purchase started, we’ve had plenty of broken ring incidents.  Now even though the rings are free, customers were still giving us a hard time about their broken jewelry.  I’ve heard the following complaints.

1. “I paid for this ring, so I should get a new one.”

No you didn’t-and you didn’t even know about the rings until after you came in to pick up your dress and you exclaimed “Oh! I get a ring with my dress!”

2. “I should get a refund for my broken ring.”  Good luck with that.  If the brains over at Jim Hjelm Designs thought about their free ring idea for two seconds, they would have known that it would eventually backfire on them.  And we’re certainly not going to refund you money for someone else’s sub-par merchandise.

3. “I should get a discount on my alterations since you gave me a defective dress.”

The only defective thing about the dress is the person wearing it. And as for the ring on your finger, that was the idea of our genius designer. Your dress is fine and don’t even bring up the ‘Free Alterations’ quip (the most popular “solution” when our customers have a complaint.

Bitch, it was free! FREE!! Even if it jumps off of your finger and runs away screaming, it was free!

It just goes to show you, even when a customer is presented with something 100% absolutely free, no extra charges, no hidden costs, no strings attached…they will always find a way to turn it against you.  In the eyes of the customer, even FREE comes at a cost.