Rude Bitch

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2009 at 9:54 pm

Why are women so fucking rude?? I think we secretly hate other women who are happy when they’re in a bad mood.  It’s the only explanation I’ve got so far about how a woman can just be so ignorant over the phone to someone she’s never met before.


I’m taking an order over the phone and the bridesmaid I’m speaking with tells me that she wants me to ship her dress to her when it comes in because she lives out of state.

So I tell her “Ok, we’ll charge you the shipping fee but we won’t charge you any sales tax.”

She responds with “It’s illegal to charge me sales tax, so you’re not doing me any favors.”

WTF???  Lady, I wouldn’t do you any favors if you paid me.

“Ma’am, I’m just letting you know that.”

“Well I already knew that.”

“I’m glad you already knew that.  But some people may not know this, which is why I informed you to make sure you were aware of this.”

AKA, sorry I can’t mind-read the thoughts in your little hamster brain. Sorry you’re taking out your pent-up anger on me because you’re being treated like shit at work.  Sorry they canceled your favorite show and it left you in a shitty mood.  Sooooorry for being polite and keeping you informed.  A thousand apologies.

She ordered a size 16 dress…her measurements were placing her at a size 22.  My slowly increasing, mind-reading abilities tell me that when she gets her dress, she won’t be able to get it past her hips.  She’ll have to buy extra fabric, minimum $50-100 bucks, which will automatically double her alterations, probably another $200 minimum, and find someone who knows how to alter a dress-basically from scratch- with all the work that it’s gonna need.

I could have pointed this out to her, but I’m sure she already knows that.


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