Dry Cleaning Scam

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2008 at 5:14 am

We had a previous bride of ours call us today.  Her wedding had taken place last month, so I wasn’t sure why she was calling at first. It turns out that she wanted us to forge a receipt for the purchase of her dress. She said that she had taken it to a dry cleaner for alterations and that they had “completely f**ked up” her dress. So she told us that they wanted to see a copy of her receipt so they could reimburse her for the damages. She wanted us to make a receipt that her dress costs $4000. Her dress only cost her $500. We said no, obviously. We got another call that night from her husband, who offered to give me a percentage of what they got if we would make up the fake receipt for them. I politely declined again, slightly disgusted by this whole thing. I’m glad the bride wasn’t this clever when she was buying her dress from us.

What next, suing your dry cleaners for 4 millions dollars for losing a pair of your pants?  Hmmmm, that I might consider….

  1. Lol-it’s disgusting to see what some people will try. You’re right-she probably would have tried to scam you eventually.

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