No Smoking

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2008 at 11:31 pm

I guess when they passed the law that you have to be 15 feet away from a public building to smoke, our customer apparently thought it didn’t mean our bathroom.  I was walking to the front of the store, and several of my employees were standing in a circle, sniffing.

“What..are you doing?”

“Smell!” one of them says.

“Smell what?”  I ask.

Coincidentally, our air conditioner was directly above their heads, so my first thought was that something was burning.  I tell them to shut off the air until we close up.  I start estimating getting someone out here to take a look at it, already expecting the thousands of dollars that it could cost if they have to repair it.  At that same moment, a woman walks out of the bathroom.  She shuts the door quickly behind her, and her eyes are averted towards the carpet.  She immediately walks away.

“Hey Kelly, do me a favor.”  I stop one of the stock girls and ask her to go inside the bathroom.  “See if it smells like smoke.”  She walks over, opens the door, peeks her head inside, and steps back out with a frown on her face.  She nods her head up and down. Bingo.

The good news is that I don’t have a heating problem, no thanks to my extremely ignorant customer who was literally 20 feet away from the entrance, where she could have smoked her heart out like a normal, civilized person.  Not to mention that other customers use the same bathroom, or might think that our employees are smoking, or might complain about the smoke, causing us to get fined for it.  You didn’t think of that before you lit up your Camel in our store, did you lady?

“Don’t these people have any common sense?” one of my receptionists asks me.

“You would think.” I respond.  But I know all too well that the most obvious places you expect to find common sense are usually the places where customers are completely clueless.

There’s no smoking in a bridal salon, idiot.


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