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In Uncategorized on September 12, 2008 at 3:42 am

Today we had a group of girls walk in with bags of McDonald’s.  Watching them, I looked around the store to see if I had walked in to the wrong place of work.  I see wedding gowns around me, so I know I must be in the right place, so what are they doing here? The girls, accompanied by two rambunctious children, proceed to grab an empty desk in front of them and begin passing out the contents of their bags with each other.  Meanwhile the bride approaches me.

“Hi, I’d like to look at wedding gowns today.”

“Ok, do you have an apppointment?”

She doesn’t. Most of them usually don’t make appointments.  But that’s another story for later. So I ask the bride to sign in.

“Are those girls with you as well?”

“Yes, they’re my bridesmaids.  They’re going to be looking for bridesmaid dresses while I look for my gown.”

The girls don’t seem to be looking for anything except more ketchup packets.

“I’m sorry miss, but they can’t really eat that in here.  We don’t allow any food or drinks in our salon.” I point to the signs we have posted on our doors, that are impossible to miss when you walk in. The bride slowly pivots towards the door to follow where my finger is pointing…and then slowly pivots back to me, her glare focused on me.

“We drove an hour and a half just to get here. We’ve been shopping all day and my girls haven’t eaten anything since this morning. They’ll be done in 20 minutes.”

This is going to be a fun time, I think. As soon as she finishes registering, I introduce her to her consultant and they begin the gown process.  Meanwhile, I call my manager and explain to her the problem.  By now the whole store smells like hot food.  She walks over to the table and tells the girls to put their food away.

“Ok.” one of them replies. Then she picks up a french fry and puts it into her mouth, testing my manager.


The girl studies the manager as she slowly reaches for another fry, and then thinks twice.  She begins to pack up her food.  The other bridesmaids begin to follow her lead.


I turn around and see the bride storming towards the desk, her hair flying behind her.

“My girls can eat here if they want to! Amber, take your food out now! Finish eating it!”  Amber does not look so confident anymore. After a short but loud argument with my manager, the girls pack up their food and follow the furious bride out the front door, prompting me to wonder “Where do these girls come from?!?”  Where on EARTH do you get the idea to even walk into a bridal salon, or any business other than a restaurant for that matter, and bust out your dinner like you’re in your dining room? Doesn’t your brain register even for a second that it’s not a normal thing to do? The part that scares me more than a person who thinks like that, is 5 people thinking the same exact thing at the same exact time. I shudder now, because I know that I’ll probably be showing these girls wedding gowns within the next 5 years.  But at least for now, we’re safe from the McDonald’s-packing bridal party.


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