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Dry Cleaning Scam

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We had a previous bride of ours call us today.  Her wedding had taken place last month, so I wasn’t sure why she was calling at first. It turns out that she wanted us to forge a receipt for the purchase of her dress. She said that she had taken it to a dry cleaner for alterations and that they had “completely f**ked up” her dress. So she told us that they wanted to see a copy of her receipt so they could reimburse her for the damages. She wanted us to make a receipt that her dress costs $4000. Her dress only cost her $500. We said no, obviously. We got another call that night from her husband, who offered to give me a percentage of what they got if we would make up the fake receipt for them. I politely declined again, slightly disgusted by this whole thing. I’m glad the bride wasn’t this clever when she was buying her dress from us.

What next, suing your dry cleaners for 4 millions dollars for losing a pair of your pants?  Hmmmm, that I might consider….


No Smoking

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I guess when they passed the law that you have to be 15 feet away from a public building to smoke, our customer apparently thought it didn’t mean our bathroom.  I was walking to the front of the store, and several of my employees were standing in a circle, sniffing.

“What..are you doing?”

“Smell!” one of them says.

“Smell what?”  I ask.

Coincidentally, our air conditioner was directly above their heads, so my first thought was that something was burning.  I tell them to shut off the air until we close up.  I start estimating getting someone out here to take a look at it, already expecting the thousands of dollars that it could cost if they have to repair it.  At that same moment, a woman walks out of the bathroom.  She shuts the door quickly behind her, and her eyes are averted towards the carpet.  She immediately walks away.

“Hey Kelly, do me a favor.”  I stop one of the stock girls and ask her to go inside the bathroom.  “See if it smells like smoke.”  She walks over, opens the door, peeks her head inside, and steps back out with a frown on her face.  She nods her head up and down. Bingo.

The good news is that I don’t have a heating problem, no thanks to my extremely ignorant customer who was literally 20 feet away from the entrance, where she could have smoked her heart out like a normal, civilized person.  Not to mention that other customers use the same bathroom, or might think that our employees are smoking, or might complain about the smoke, causing us to get fined for it.  You didn’t think of that before you lit up your Camel in our store, did you lady?

“Don’t these people have any common sense?” one of my receptionists asks me.

“You would think.” I respond.  But I know all too well that the most obvious places you expect to find common sense are usually the places where customers are completely clueless.

There’s no smoking in a bridal salon, idiot.

Home Sweet Home

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Today we had a group of girls walk in with bags of McDonald’s.  Watching them, I looked around the store to see if I had walked in to the wrong place of work.  I see wedding gowns around me, so I know I must be in the right place, so what are they doing here? The girls, accompanied by two rambunctious children, proceed to grab an empty desk in front of them and begin passing out the contents of their bags with each other.  Meanwhile the bride approaches me.

“Hi, I’d like to look at wedding gowns today.”

“Ok, do you have an apppointment?”

She doesn’t. Most of them usually don’t make appointments.  But that’s another story for later. So I ask the bride to sign in.

“Are those girls with you as well?”

“Yes, they’re my bridesmaids.  They’re going to be looking for bridesmaid dresses while I look for my gown.”

The girls don’t seem to be looking for anything except more ketchup packets.

“I’m sorry miss, but they can’t really eat that in here.  We don’t allow any food or drinks in our salon.” I point to the signs we have posted on our doors, that are impossible to miss when you walk in. The bride slowly pivots towards the door to follow where my finger is pointing…and then slowly pivots back to me, her glare focused on me.

“We drove an hour and a half just to get here. We’ve been shopping all day and my girls haven’t eaten anything since this morning. They’ll be done in 20 minutes.”

This is going to be a fun time, I think. As soon as she finishes registering, I introduce her to her consultant and they begin the gown process.  Meanwhile, I call my manager and explain to her the problem.  By now the whole store smells like hot food.  She walks over to the table and tells the girls to put their food away.

“Ok.” one of them replies. Then she picks up a french fry and puts it into her mouth, testing my manager.


The girl studies the manager as she slowly reaches for another fry, and then thinks twice.  She begins to pack up her food.  The other bridesmaids begin to follow her lead.


I turn around and see the bride storming towards the desk, her hair flying behind her.

“My girls can eat here if they want to! Amber, take your food out now! Finish eating it!”  Amber does not look so confident anymore. After a short but loud argument with my manager, the girls pack up their food and follow the furious bride out the front door, prompting me to wonder “Where do these girls come from?!?”  Where on EARTH do you get the idea to even walk into a bridal salon, or any business other than a restaurant for that matter, and bust out your dinner like you’re in your dining room? Doesn’t your brain register even for a second that it’s not a normal thing to do? The part that scares me more than a person who thinks like that, is 5 people thinking the same exact thing at the same exact time. I shudder now, because I know that I’ll probably be showing these girls wedding gowns within the next 5 years.  But at least for now, we’re safe from the McDonald’s-packing bridal party.

Basic Rules of Your Local Bridal Salon (with add-ons)

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1. No Food or Beverages Allowed. Our salon’s number one pet peeve. Why? Because it’s such an obvious no-brainer!! Do you want all of your guests hovering over you and your gown on your wedding day with their Starbucks lattes and your kid’s Happy Meals? No. Show the same respect when you try on our dresses. You only have to pay for one wedding gown. We pay for hundreds of them, every year.

2. Brides that don’t make appointments. If you don’t want to, fine. But don’t get whiny with us when we tell you that we can’t let you look around without a consultant to assist you. You’re surrounded by 20 lb. dresses made of expensive fabrics and lots of beading. We’re sorry if we don’t want you and your friends yanking the dresses off the racks and dragging them to the first open fitting room you find. Most salons aren’t self service department stores where the only time you see an employee is when you ring up your clothes at the register. It’s actually in your benefit to have a consultant with you the whole time, so make the appointment before you come in.

3. SIZING RUNS SMALL!! Oh, the names we’ve been called…the allegations made…the tears shed…all because we recommended a girl a size 14 when she doesn’t own anything past a size 8. Allegedly. Bridal designers do not cut their dresses the same way as department stores or ready to wear boutiques. On average, if you normally wear a size 8, the average bridal or bridesmaid designer will most likely place you into one or two larger sizes. The problem with the designers is that each one cuts their dresses differently. So even if you’re a size 10 with one guy, the next designer may tell you that your measurements according to their size chart is placing you into a size 12. Vanity often gets the best of some women, who order smaller because they don’t believe in the size we tell them, even when we show them their measurements and the designer’s size chart. It usually backfires.

4. Your friends. The ones who come with you to a salon and then disappear. When you finally see them again, they’re carrying a half dozen gowns in their hands, and they proceed to pull even more dresses that they think you’ll look great in. As much as they annoy us, who ultimately have to clean up after the mess they’ve left behind, they will also confuse you down the road. They will have big mouths, give opinions on every single dress you try on, and succeed in annoying every other customer that walks past your group. Leave these friends at home, at least for now.

5. Not hanging up your dresses. We had two brides come in to look at our wedding gowns. They were both friends, so we put them in one of the larger rooms. They helped each other try on dresses, so I waited outside until they were done. When they finally emerged, they told me that they didn’t find anything they liked. I gave them my card and told them to call if they found anything else. (My guess is they were just goofing off, since one of the brides gave me a wedding date that fell on a Wednesday…) When I went back into the room, there were two large mounds of white fabric, just sitting in the middle of the floor, like wedding gown igloos. What the hell? There’s a large couch against the wall-why didn’t you at least toss them on top of the couch? Or, you know, back onto the hangers where they belong? And where are the hangers anyways? I spin around. They’re hanging on on the doorknob. Gee thanks, at least you bothered to hang something up for me. Probably did it by accident.


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Finally, a place where bridal salon owners, employees, and anyone that’s ever had to work with brides during the most psychotic times of their lives, can come and chat. Or gossip, yell, vent, complain, bitch and moan about whatever’s on their mind. My vow to you is that my tales will be honest, brutal if need be, and hopefully entertaining. I will provide you with stories and feedback from other bridal salons and in return hope that you, fellow readers, will send me your honest feedback (good and bad.)